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Welcome to the United Designers Co-op.

screen-shot-2016-09-08-at-10-57-31-pmUnited Designers is a design co-op for ecological and permaculture design.  The foundation of United Designers solutions is Restoration of Ecological Functions on the landscape and Increased  Ecological Services to the ecology. Team members acquire design projects and work together as co-designers/creators.  Join us and build your team of partner designers for faster and better results.

United Designers is also looking for sales associates looking for design resources for their area. UD can supply all the services needed for starting a Permaculture design business.

This gateway to design resources, consultation, collaboration, and tools is an initiative of the SouthWoods Ecological Design and the Permaculture Research Institute/USA.

Contact Daniel Halsey for further information.

Each gaining experience and expertise. We work as team with skill sharing , each taking the tasks at their level of expertise to move the project forward to completion.   The United Designers team uses resource data mining, numerous government and private database sources,  Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office, and various GIS software. The design work is done after an extensive site assessment process with forms and tables we supply our team members so we all have a standard design process and platform. Designers are signing up for team projects and access to assessment and design resources.

The United Designer Team and Working in Portugal

A week before Dan left for a project assessment and an site visit in Portugal,  Dan met on Skype with the United Designer team for a briefing to get design input. On-line were Regina Cobo (Spain), Jessica Robertson (Wildcraft Permaculture, Ontario), Bryce Ruddock ( WI), Pete Wedin (MN), and Paula Westmoreland (Ecological Design, MN), and Javan Kerby Bernakevitch, (B.C, Canada).  Discussed were the site conditions, plants of the Iberian Peninsula, and fire regimes. After the trip we met again and went through the resulting images, strategy and options for the client.

Regina sent some valuable fire deterrent plant systems from Spain. These are being drawn out and made into polycultures from 3 different fire defense strategies based on site conditions.

Much of the raw materials needed for stream bed restoration, erosion control, and check dams are available on-site.

Bryce completed research on plants of the Iberian Peninsula that will be used in the final reforestation plan. Specific species identification may need more work. There is some question as to the actual species of some of the Umbrella pines. The eucalyptus trees are the biggest ecological liability on the property.  The fire defense buffers include removal of all eucalyptus trees (google that) within 15 meters of the road beds and 50 meters from all buildings and structures. Details of this and other systems are in the final design narrative still in progress.

Wim, the owner, used a Phantom 4 drone to do some outstanding 3D models of the property. Along with the high res and real time 2D maps, we have great detail to reference in the design process. Much of the ground cover faded back to soils as the overlapping and angled flight images layered to show under story  conditions.