Stage 1: Project Organization (File Management)

Information gathered for site assessment, design strategies, historical, and ecological data need to be kept in an accessible and predictable filing system. Multiple users, clients, and others can be granted access to specific folders and the design team has access to and storage of their files.

Step 1:  Create a new project folder in your dropbox, name it.

Step 2: Access the United Designer Team file sharing area (Dropbox).  Duplicate the “Empty project” folder and drag the new folder and contents into your new project folder.

Step 3: Open the Illustrator files from the template library.

Open Artwork and a Title Block  file, save as, and rename them into the design folder. All design work is done on the artwork file in 20 scale (1″ : 20 ‘) or (1: 250 cm).

Start the Site assessment table in “Client and Site Documents folder. Save as and rename.