Stage 2: Site Assessment Tools

This access link is directed to the Team Site Assessment files.

Item 1 – Client and Site Assessment Resource Guide.

This is a 40 page guide and design series companion workbook for site and personal resource assessment. It is given to the client and asks the questions and helps the client and designer get organized. It intention is to inform everyone for finding, researching, and developing a sustainable and productive design. It will help you define and prioritize your functional spaces, design drivers, and client


Item 2 – Site Assessment Table

This 8 page MS Word table has columns for the information needed, links to find it, data entry fields, and the resulting recommendations your team will have for the client.  This is another component of the site assessment that can be delegated to a team member or done jointly on Google Docs. Each data point has an affect on the design strategy. Complete data is needed for a comprehensive assessment that will give you the guidance needed for a solid final design.  Keep this in your project folder, “Client and Site Documents” .