How to be a United Designer Partner

United Designers is a cooperative of permaculture and ecological designers working together to create high quality and science based designs. Never say no to a project, we got it. Our training and advancement model is based on real projects that fund the expertise and career development.

There are two ways be a partner designer with United Designers.

1. You hire United Designers  as the client representative and use the project to build your skills. Get the full experience throughout all the design phases and build your design business as part of the United Designer team.

  • Bring a project to United Designers, join our team, and act as the managing designer guiding the process as the client liaison and site manager.
  • UD will guide your through the entire process and train you (in areas needed) in a progressive path to further your skills and expertise.
  • All files and documents will be guided, shared, and supplied to you throughout the project.
  • UD will build all the maps and reports with you based on the services needed in an easily managed and guided process.
  • A clear memorandum of understanding will lay out all the tasks and responsibilities of the partner designers.
  • If desired,  billing and funds will be managed through UD and payments made to you as a independent contractor. We do all the paper work and accounting with transparent documentation.
  • You can also work with any of our partner designers on tasks for your project. It doesn’t have to be all inclusive. Fill the gaps for better design. Take on bigger projects with confidence, we’ve got your back. We are a team.

2. United Designers hires you. Start by completing assessment and design tasks. Build your experience and expertise with each new project.

  • Requirements: One or more academically trained, experiential, or professional skills.
    • A specialty skill or expertise in design or land systems.
    • Entry level understanding of plants, soil, climate, design, and permaculture.
    • Experience in research and internet data mining.
    • Skills in Adobe Creative Suite. Illustrator
    • Updated Technology: Computer, Internet services, software

Be a United Design Partner and start building your expertise, client list, scope of work, and network of partners all over the world. Join us in raising the standards of permaculture and ecological design.