Project: Memorandum of Understanding

United Designers Partners
Memorandum of Understanding

This document serves as the complete and exclusive arrangements for design assignments coordinated with United Designers partners.

Regional Partner/Firm: ,      (NAME of Project Site Manager, Lead Designer)

Regarding:  (SITE)

United Designers Project Lead:  PSM, Lead Designer agrees to:

  1. Provide United Design PartnersTM with, or cooperatively acquire, all of the pertinent information about the property and the goals or visions of the primary client _________ that is needed to provide services without unnecessary delay.  Items listed and provided in the document – DESIGN PROCESS NOTES and SITE ASSESSMENT GUIDE.
  2. Work closely with specified United DesignersTM partners during the design period of (TBD date duration ) to develop
    • Part One
      • Site Assessment Table,  Documents, and Reports
      • Basemap(s) and Ecological Graphics
      • Potential Plant Lists
    • Part Two (Following the Order of Permanance)
      • Concept Design with Functional Spaces defined and populated.
      • Polyculture plant lists
      • Relative locations of design elements
      • Access, paths, and roadways
      • Water catchments and collection areas.
      • Production areas and harvest processing
      • Elements as needed from the site assessment phase
      • Design strategy fitting the land and resources
    • Part Three
      • Placed and specified plant species
      • Measurements and calculated volumes of water features, basins, and storage.
      • Elevation graphics for engineered elements on the landscape (to be used in seeking local expertise). Such as roads, platforms, ponds, dams, and structures.
      • A completed final draft design for verification of installers and engineering.
  3. Assist management client relations, document, research, and communicate pertinent design information.
  4. Assist in travel, accommodations, meals, and facilities for on-site activities.
  5. Designers will be paid for travel expenses including auto miles at a rate of $.54/mile with automobile, and reimbursed plus 10% fee for airfare, lodging or meals during travel.
  6. The client will pay United Design Partners a sum of $________   billable fees in three installments during the period of time of the design process.
    • The first payment of $______ due upon engagement.
    • The second payment of $______ is due within 15 days upon delivery of basemap and resulting draft design and concept documents.
    • The balance of $________or amount due immediately following the delivery of the final design to the client.

United Designers agrees to:

  • Create a base map for the _____hectare/acre parcel.
  • Create a working concepting map from the base map.
  • Travel to the site for an assessment, charrette with the client to work out key elements of the design and their placement on the property.  While there, we will attempt to stake out these key elements on the land.
  • Assist in creating a Concept Plan for the _____hectare/acre and the area immediately surrounding where the property is located to include the necessary maps and also:
    • Earthworks and Water Plans delineating the required earth moving and construction for appropriate water collection, storage and movement for the site.
    • Create planting plans delineating the plantings that the Client is anticipated to undertake in 20__ and beyond as are determined during the primary planning process.
    • Develop a seasonal and chronological project timeline for implementation as it relates to the Client’s overall project construction budget and desired completion schedule.
    • Estimate a Project Budget via local installers that will include a ballpark figure that identifies an estimated cost for each of the organic elements shown on the Master plan. This budget will include earthmoving and plantings as well as reflect as much detail as can be ascertained on other related items in the design (usually dependent on the local partner, close to the site).
    • Specific and added assignments of design responsibilities will be as follows:


    • Name:__________________
      • Plant list and species selection
      • Soil testing
      • Stakeholder communications
      • Geologic data and consultations
    • Name:____________________
  • Revenue from the project will be divided between the participants as listed:
    • 25%, 15%, and 15% of the total fee is payable to the Design Lead at each respective Payment.
    • Remaining balance is payable to United designer Partners for services rendered.
  • Share proprietary (for exclusive use) design models, template, and processes with _______________ for the purposes of developing the partners design skills and resources. This item is for mutual benefit as agreed ( Yes __  / No__) relative to compensation fee.

The intent of this memorandum of understanding is to keep communications clear and to create a mutually beneficial relationship for the delivery of this design.


Partner Design                                        Date



Dan Halsey (or designated partner) for UD            Date



Specific notes, expectations, and requirements:

All fees are billed in the regional currency of the project
Measurements will be in local units, Imperial or Metric

Dropbox will be used for all document storage and distribution.  Designers will abide by the confidentiality agreement, MOU