Confidentiality: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Agreed terms-and-conditions for partner designers

By working with the team and using the United Designers Resources, you agree:

A. not to share or distribute the source files to any other party unless:

  1. The party is a member of UD design teams or
  2. the files have been converted to Acrobat PDF and not editable in Adobe illustrator (smallest size file) and
  3.  you have received written permission of the creator(s) of the art used.

B. to notify United Designers of errors in symbols, templates, or if a conflicted copy has been crated by a user.

C. not to edit the source files except to add content such as symbols and icons.

D. contact lead designers for style and consultations to keep the minimum standards high and allow all users to benefit from better practices.

E. use the United Designers logo on designs and where appropriate.

F. use the accepted standard title block for all presentation work (edited with your information).

G. Send files to partner designers for comment and consultation. This brings an accelerated skill building experience for everyone.

H. Keep all project and activity data private to the group. This is a closed group and we will be respectful of others by not disclosing their work or activity to others. Once they make it public or public resources are use, no privacy is needed.

I. Pay people fairly and charge fairly.  Everyone has to eat and has bills.  Pay on time and do not transfer your risk onto others (be aware of currency exchange rates).


  • Source Documentation
    • Designers will not release source files to clients or third parties. This includes artwork, symbol libraries, Adobe Illustrator files, or other copyrighted materials released
      for use by United Designers.
  • Ownership and Fair Use
    • All artwork is licensed for use by project manager or
      associate designer for single use unless otherwise contracted and agreed in writing by United Designer. Designers will copyright their work. indemnify United Designers, and defend the copyrighted work from infringement. All created work remains assigned to the mutually liable for disclosure of copyrighted materials.
  • Company Private Data
    • Communications and materials exchanged between
      project team members is company private and not for
      distribution except by the initial creator(s) which hold
      copyright at time of creation. United Designers and
      member associates will protect the interests and
      property of partner designers, clients, and the cooperative. Partner designers are mutually liable for disclosure of copyrighted materials.

Let’s be good to each other and work for a common goal.