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Daniel Halsey, UD USA                                PDC, BSc, MPS
Ecosystem & Agro-Ecology Design
SouthWoods Ecosystems
Natural Capital Plant Database
407 Wood Way, Burnsville, MN 55337 USA

UD Managing Director                

Ecological Design and Lead Designer  USA, Canada, Lebanon, Haiti, Spain, Portugal, Senegal, Liberia, South Africa, The Netherlands,  Costa Rica, Poland, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.


Neil Bertrando, UD USA
RT Permaculture
Loping Coyote Farms

Permaculture Design and Partner


Designer                              Dry Lands, Stream Restoration, Tropical Systems, Desert Ecology, Plant Resource Expert.    USA, Haiti, Liberia

Rhamis Kent. UD USA, UK

Director at Agroecological Natural Technology System

Permaculture Design and Project Lead

UK, USA, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Earth in general.


Ben Missimer, UD USA
Pearl River Eco-Design


Permaculture Design, GIS, Mapping, and Design Support



Bruce B. Blair, UD USA

Vibrant Lands
Independent Consultant Landscape Architect

Welch, Minnesota, USA

Acro-ecosystems,              Park Design

USA, Kenya, Haiti, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.




Jessica Robertson, UD Canada
Wildcraft Permaculture


Permaculture Design and Lead Designer 

Didier Fabrice Doucet
Tel : +509 3605 6203

Permaculture Design and Lead Designer

United Designer Fabrice Doucet of AFENBO COMMUNAUTE’, the land owner, in developing improved cultural practices and seasonal harvests. 17 farm families live on the land and must co-produce with AFENBO through integrated cropping systems. Dan and Fabrice developed value added products and ecologically supported perennial crop systems. Bamboo and tree crops were added to stabilize steep slopes and divert water from the ravines back to the land.





Regina Cobo,  UD Spain   

PDC, MSc, BFA, AF Designer

+34 616 50 49 93
Abantos permacultura
Sierra de Albarracín 16. 28120 Valdemorillo, Madrid, Spain

Ecological Design and Partner Designer  

Mediterranean & Semi-arid Ecosystem Restoration & Agro-Ecology Design.  Spain, Portugal, Liberia  &

Sara Garcia, UD Spain

Magara Forest Gardens
Madrid, Spain
(+34) 678 511 871

Ecological Design and Partner Designer 

Forestry Systems  Spain, Portugal, Hawaiian Islands, USA  &

Weruschca Kirkegaard, UD NetherlandsImage result for Weruschca Kirkegaard
Project Management, Graphics & Front End Design
6871 ZD Renkum
T +31 (0)6 22 20 58 70 |
The Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Germany.