Designer Status

Designer Status, Standing

  • Managing Designer
    • Contracts with United Designers for all phases of design.
      Manages client relations and finances of the project.
      Advance deposit required. All files delivered as PDF,                                         No source files delivered. Fee Negotiated.
  • Partner Designer
    • UD Designers partner, 50/50 or agreed group fee split. Individual Designers Only.
  • Lead Designer
    • Works with UD team. 50/50 team.
      Financial documentation required.
      Lead holds all risk.
  • Associate Designer
    • Works as initial design concept and contracts UD
      to develop the design from hard copy of supplied
      files. Fee negotiated. Financial documentation
  • Principal Designers
    • Lead and Partner Designers.
      $1000 initial buy-in or previous UD project history.
      Share holder in LLC, K-1 Dividends
  • Specialist Consultants
    • On-call  for projects